Power & Duties

Commissioner Duties & Responsibilities
Caroline County is governed by a three member Board of County Commissioners, which fulfills both legislative and executive functions. The basic duties and responsibilities of the County Commissioners are:
  • Enact County laws and establish County policies
  • Decide what taxes are charged and set the rates
  • Set the County operating and capital budgets
  • Oversee the management of County departments and operations
  • Approve contracts and agreements
  • Promote the welfare of Caroline County
  • Sit as the Board of Health for Caroline County
  • Submit proposed changes of state law to the Maryland General Assembly
All three County Commissioners are elected every four years by county-wide vote and serve four year terms. The Commissioners choose their officers (President and Vice President) annually. The President is responsible for conducting the meetings of the Commissioners, coordinating the meeting agenda, and the routine management of the affairs of the County Commissioners. The Vice President serves as the President in the absence of the President.

Code Home Rule County
Caroline County is a Code Home Rule County. Code powers are outlined in both the Maryland Constitution (Article XI-F) and in Annotated Code of Maryland (Local Government Article). You can access both documents here. As a Code county, Caroline has the authority to locally enact, amend, and repeal public local laws that are applicable to the incorporation, organization, or government of the county. Local laws can be found here.