Burial Sites Preservation Board

The Burial Sites Preservation Board was established as part of the Burial Sites Preservation Code of Caroline County and meets at least twice a year or as needed. Their responsibilities include responding to complaints of alleged violations of County and state burial site protection laws, respond to information that would lead to the identification of a burial site, establish and maintain an inventory of all known burial sites in the county, recommend guidelines for the appropriate maintenance of burial sites, recommend guidelines for, and supervise, the repair and reconstruction of burial sites, establish a program of burial site protection awareness education for realtors, developers, owners, and community groups, recommend guidelines for burial site protection in the development of land, and to review and provide assessment to the department regarding the establishment of burial site area boundaries for recordation of approved boundaries in the Land Records of Caroline County, as appropriate.

Membership Listing

  • Jeffrey M. Porter
  • Kathy Mackel
  • Randy Moore
  • Dr. Eric Cheezum
  • Jim Lewis


  • Jean Kelly, Local Historian
  • Katheleen Freeman, Director, Department of Planning & Codes
  • Don Wilson, Director, Division of Environmental Health, CCHD
  • J.O.K. Walsh, Caroline County Historical Society

For more information, please contact Matt Kaczynski at 410-479-8100.