Transferable Development Rights

Caroline County's Transferable Development Rights Program was amended, adopted and made effective on April 1, 2006 allowing for the identification, sale, purchase and utilization of development rights as necessary and desirable to promote essential county-wide growth planning and to preserve Caroline County's farmland, woodland, rural landscape, and rural way of life. 

The program provides for the assignment of Receiving Areas for rural-residential development in the R-Rural zoning district (maximum 50 lots) in areas of the county that are most suited for residential growth. All other areas of the county in the R-Rural zoning district are rural/farming areas and are considered Sending Areas whereby development rights may be transferred off the property. 

Since the adoption of the new regulations in April 2006, the Planning Commission has reviewed the plan yearly to determine boundary line adjustments to the receiving area. View a map of the county showing the TDR Receiving Area. To learn more about local laws governing the program, see Transferable Development Rights.

For more detailed information, contact Matt Kaczynski, Development Review Coordinator  at 410-479-8100.