Electrical Standards


Caroline County has enacted electrical standards for the protection and the promotion of the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Caroline County. The National Electrical Code (NEC), 2017 Edition, is adopted as the Electrical Code of Caroline County, and all electrical installations and equipment must meet the standards and requirements set forth in that code or regulation.


In accordance with the adoption of the Maryland Electricians Act,  the Department of Planning and Codes no longer issues Master or General electrician licenses. Any Master licensed by the State of Maryland can apply for an electrical permit. Caroline County continues to license Limited electricians. To apply for this license, click here https://caroline.onlama.com/. 

All other licenses can be obtained through the Maryland State Board of Electricians.


Applications for electrical permits can be processed online (https://caroline.onlama.com) or in person. The applicant for an electrical permit must be a licensed Master electrician. For online and in-person applications, please complete the Electrical Permit Application first. For inspection cost estimates, please see the Electrical Inspection Fee Schedule.

For specific information contact the department at 410-479-8100.