Athletic Fields


There are currently no fees or security deposits required for the athletic field reservation process for the facilities under the management of the department.

Reservation Requirements

Athletic fields require reservations through the Department under two conditions:

  1. If the league or organization communicates a regular schedule of practices, games and events in advance of the activity to participants, then an athletic field reservation is required; and/or,
  2. If the group assembling at the athletic field is 25 participants or larger, then an athletic field reservation is required.

A field reservation is not required for informal pick-up play on a first-come, first-served basis within the operating hours of each facility. However, if informal play is underway, and a group with reserved use arrives, the informal field users should yield the field to the scheduled users.

  • Spring field use applications can be submitted for scheduling as early as February 15 for games and practices between April 1 and June 15.
  • Fall field use applications can be submitted starting May 15 for game and practice schedules between August 15 and November 1.

Reservation applications must include the following:

  • A completed Field reservation Form
  • A Concussion awareness Form
  • A Certificate of Insurance for the duration of the reservation request
  • Name and contact information for two coaches and/or managers assigned to the specific field reserved.

This document provides more specific detail on the department’s Field Use Policy.

Athletic field Locations

Note: If you do not see a specific field you would like to use on the above list, contact the respective Town Office where the field is located. If your organization is interested in accessing the athletic fields surrounding North Caroline High School or Colonel Richardson High School, contact these school offices directly.