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Christian Park


Christian Park is an undeveloped linear stream valley facility located on the upper Choptank River. The land was donated to the county in the mid-60’s by the Christian family. The area is also known locally as “Red Bridges” in reference to the name of the park access road.

There are a few picnic tables and parking is on a sandy lot. It is a popular fishing spot for spring perch runs and a kayak and canoe launching point. Boat ramp permit fee does not apply for non-trailered marine vessels.

USGS (Untied States Geological Survey) has a stream monitoring station at the park site to monitor water height, volume and velocity. Paddlers are advised not to navigate the upper sections of the Choptank River when water gage height levels are higher than 2.95. Heights less than 1.9 during the summer months will likely require more portage around fallen tree obstructions.

Access USGS gage height data at this link.
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