What is the Process for Handling Complaints of Police Misconduct

  • Once a complaint of police misconduct is submitted to the Police Accountability Board, a copy of the complaint is immediately forwarded to the agency that the complaint is made against.  If the incident described in the complaint meets the standard of police misconduct, it will be investigated by Internal Affairs. Once fully investigated, the investigatory file is forwarded to the Administrative Charging Committee (ACC) who then determines whether or not the officer should be charged.
  • If the officer is NOT charged, meaning the allegation are unsubstantiated or the officer is exonerated, the ACC will issue a written opinion detailing findings, determination, and recommendations. 
  • If the office IS charged, the ACC will still issue a written opinion detailing findings, determinations, and disciplinary recommendations. 
  • The Chief of Police / Sheriff will then offer discipline recommended by the ACC or a higher level according to the state-created disciplinary matrix. This matrix can be found here: https://mdle.net/standards.htm
  • "If the officer accepts discipline, the matter is final. If the Officer does not accept discipline, then the matter is referred to Trial Board for a hearing."