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Do you know what to do in an emergency?Cell Phone Sally

911 is a special phone number to call when there is an emergency and lives are at risk. Calling 911 is what you do when you need help from the police, the fire department, or someone is hurt and you need an ambulance. On this page, you'll find lots of helpful information to help you learn more about 911.

When do I call 911?

  • There's a fire.
  • Someone is unconscious.
  • Someone has trouble breathing.
  • Someone is choking.
  • If you see a crime happening.
  • There is a serious car accident.

Examples of when not to call 911:

  • If there is no emergency.
  • For animals (except when they pose a threat to the safety of a person).
  • As a game, prank, or joke.
  • Just to practices
  • For help with homework.

What do I do when I call 911?

  • Stay calm and speak slowly.
  • Tell the dispatcher what's wrong and where you need help.
  • Speak up load and clear when the dispatcher asks questions.
  • Stay on the phone until the dispatcher tell you it is OK to hang up.


9-1-1 Activity Book

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Click the picture to download the Cell Phone Sally 9-1-1 Activity Book that you can print and complete at home.