Police Accountability Board

Name Member Term Term End
Brandy James Member First 6/30/2026
Dave Whaley Member First 6/30/2026
John Bartlett Member First 6/30/2026
Ed Smith Member First 6/30/2025
Todd Lord Member First 6/30/2025
Daniel Towers Member First 6/30/2024
Darron Johns Member First 6/30/2024
Marty Hudson Alternate First 6/30/2026
Phil Clark Alternate First 6/30/2026


The Police Accountability Board (PAB) is made up of seven residents from Caroline County, all appointed by the County Commissioners.

The Police Accountability Board shall: 

    1. Hold meetings, not less than quarterly, with heads of law enforcement agencies in the County and otherwise work with law enforcement agencies and the County government to improve matters of policing;
    2. Adopt rules of procedure, which may be amended from time to time, as a majority of the PAB may deem necessary and appropriate. Such rules and any subsequent amendments shall be submitted to the County Commissioners for approval.
    3. Receive complaints of police misconduct filed by members of the public against a police officer who is employed by the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office or a municipal law enforcement agency within Caroline County, and forward the complaint to the police officer’s LEA within 3 days after receipt by the PAB.
    4. On a quarterly basis, review outcomes of disciplinary matters considered by the ACC;
    5. By December 31 each year, or such other time as the County Commissioners designate, submit a report to the County Commissioners that identifies any trends in the disciplinary process of police officers in Caroline County, and makes recommendations on changes to policy that would improve police accountability in Caroline County.


Members are chosen and appointed by the Caroline County Commissioners 

Terms of Office: 

Membership on the inaugural PAB shall be staggered as follows: 

(a) Three (3) members, to include the Chair, shall serve an initial term of four (4) years; 

(b) Two (2) members shall serve an initial term of three (3) years; and

(c) Two (2) members shall serve an initial term of two (2) years.

Police Accountability Board Year End Report for 2022