North County Water & Sewer Authority


Quarterly meetings are held on the last Thursday of March, June, September and December, at 5:00 p.m. at the Henderson Town Hall in Henderson, Maryland, unless another location is specified. The June meeting serves as the Authority's Annual Meeting.

NOTICE: The June 29, 2023 Annual Meeting of the North County Water and Sewer Authority has been rescheduled for June 22, 2023.


Mayor Sandy Cook
PresidentHenderson Representative
Commissioner J. Travis Breeding
Secretary/TreasurerCaroline Representative
Mayor Helen Knotts
Templeville Representative
Commissioner Elizabeth SimmonsMemberMarydel Representative5/205/26

Community Rep Bill KnottsMemberCaroline County Representative5/235/24


The authority shall consist of five directors. In addition the authority will include a representative of each political subdivision: 
  • Caroline County
  • Henderson
  • Marydel
  • Templeville
Maryland State law requires that entities such as the Authority have five or more Directors. The Authority was formed with five Directors; when the number of member political jurisdictions was reduced to four, the member jurisdictions began rotating the appointment of the fifth Director from the member political jurisdictions on an annual basis. The governing body of each jurisdiction appoints the fifth Director to serve a term of one year. 


The governing body of each member jurisdiction appoints its own Director to serve on the Authority. Officers of the Authority are elected annually by the Directors at the Annual Meeting in June.

Term of Office

Directors are appointed to 3-year terms, with the exception of the annual rotating Director, who serves a term of one year.

Charge / Authority

(Caroline County Code Chapter 173 Water and Sewer Districts and Authorities, Article 1)
The Authority was created to carry out essential governmental functions and services necessary to operate a sanitary sewer district and sewerage system as well as to operate a water district and water system in the North County area of Caroline County. The four political subdivisions of the authority are: 
  • The Commissioners of Marydel
  • The Commissioners of Henderson
  • The Commissioners of Templeville
  • The County Commissioners of Caroline County