Agricultural Reconciliation Committee


Meetings are held yearly or as needed.


Name Role Type Term Term
Jim Lewis Ex-Officio Cooperative Extension N/A N/A N/A
John Shepard Ex-Officio Soil Conservation N/A N/A N/A
Harry Moreland Member Agriculture Second 2/23/10 2/23/22
Dallas Wheatley Neal Member Agriculture Second 2/23/10 2/23/22
John Phillips Member Non-Agricultural  Second 2/23/10 2/23/22
Ronald Stafford Member Municipality Member Second 2/23/10 2/23/22
Jeff Wright Member Board of Realtors Second 2/23/10 2/23/22


The committee shall consist of five members, at least two of whom shall be from the agricultural community, at least one of whom shall be from a municipality, at least one of whom shall be from the Caroline County Board of Realtors, and one other member from the community not actively engaged in agriculture. A representative from the University of Maryland Cooperative Extension Service and a member of the Caroline County Soil Conservation District shall be appointed by the commissioners to serve as ex-officio members.


Candidates will be gathered with dual efforts of the Board Liaison and the Commissioners Office before submitting names for the Commissioners' approval

Term of Office

A member shall serve for a four-year term.

Charge / Authority

(Code of Public Local Laws of Caroline County, Maryland §149-4)
The Caroline County Agricultural Reconciliation Committee shall arbitrate and mediate disputes involving agricultural operations conducted on agricultural lands and issue opinions on whether such operations conform with generally accepted agricultural management practices.