4-H & Youth Park Board


The Board shall meet at least quarterly at a designated time and place with adequate written notice to members and the public. Six members constitute a quorum.


Name Role Type Term Term
Lori Bishop  President Citizen  First 2018 2021
Mark Hudson Member Citizen First 2020 2023
Barbara Carrow Member  Citizen  First  2020 2023
Claire Downs Fisher Member Citizen Second 2017 2019
Mark Lasocha Ex-Officio Commissioner's Representative N/A N/A N/A
Charlotte Brown Treasure Citizen Second 2017 2019
Glenn Dyar Orme Member Citizen Second  2017 2019
Arthur (Chip) Eaton, Member Citizen  Second  2019 2021



Nine members are voting members: eight residents of Caroline County appointed by the County Commissioners and one County Commissioner member or designee. The membership shall be broadly representative of the county’s population and its geography. A majority of the members shall have 4-H or youth experience or involvement. The 4-H Extension Office shall designate an Extension Educator as a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board and provide necessary staff support to the Board.

Term of Office

Member serve a term of three years. Members may serve no more than two consecutive full terms. After an absence of one year, an individual may be recommended to serve again. A Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer shall be elected annually at a regular meeting by and from the appointed voting membership. The 4-H Extension Agent, or in the agent’s absence, a Cooperative Extension Service designee shall serve as Secretary.


(Caroline County Government Resolution #96-008)
The Caroline County 4-H and Youth Park Board shall complete the following tasks:
  • Develop and submit to the Commissioners a long range plan for improvement of the Park
  • Develop and submit to the Commissioners an annual budget and five-year capital plan
  • Develop policy relating to all aspects of operation of the Park and make recommendations to the Commissioners regarding the need for adoption of policy and changes to existing policy
  • Review operations of the Park and make recommendations for changes or improvements
  • In cooperation with the Cooperative Extension Service, 4-H leaders and the agricultural community, develop and keep current an activity plan and annual program for the use of the Park and its facilities
  • Make recommendation to the Commissioners regarding appointment of the Park Coordinator and appointments to board membership.
  • Serve as the official advisory body to the County Commissioners regarding Park matters and act as liaison with the community and advocate for the Park and 4-H and Youth Programs