Human Resources

About Us
The Caroline County Office of Human Resources administers comprehensive programs aiming to attract, motivate, and retain an efficient, diverse, and productive workforce. The Office of Human Resources provides programs and services to a workforce of approximately 200 full-time employees and 100 part-time / temporary staff, who are primarily responsible for providing government services to our residents.

Our services in the HR Office include:
  • Advertising employment opportunities;
  • Providing training programs designed to meet the needs of the workforce by enhancing their knowledge, skills, and abilities and preparing employees for future challenges and opportunities;
  • Providing employee relations counseling to County employees, supervisors, and managers to improve work relationships and the work environment;
  • Developing human resources policies to meet the needs of the organization while ensuring legal compliance;
  • Administering a total compensation program that attracts applicants, maintains internal equity, competes in relevant labor markets, and retains high performers;
  • Developing and maintaining a human resource information system to provide managers with useful automated information and management reports; and
  • Maintaining a high quality human resources staff to serve in a consultative role with County departments, employees, and residents to meet the changing needs of the organization and population.